Saturday, December 19, 2009

Diet for underprivileged

Undernutrition is the underlying cause for about 50% of the 2.1 million under-5 deaths in India each year. Preventing undernutrition has emerged as one of the most critical challenges to India’s development planners in recent times. Despite substantial improvement in health and wellbeing since the country’s independence in 1947, undernutrition remains a silent emergency in India, where almost half of all children under the age of 3 are underweight, 30% of newborns born with low birth weight and 52% of women and 74% of children are anaemic.

Epidemiological surveys have shown that underprivileged individuals are more exposed than others to the risks of nutritional deficiency, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This can partly be explained by the fact that it is difficult to eat healthily on a low budget.

Undernutrition in India has many causes:-

· Lack of awareness and knowledge being the biggest one. These people are not aware of the ways to get the best nutrition out of their budget. They consume calories and fat rich foods which has no other nutrients thus leading to nutritional deficiencies.

· Lack of availability and facility of the right foods to the lower backward areas.

· Economic crises

Though our metropolitan cities are full of luxurious lifestyle with big cars running on the roads, still there is a big portion of the city occupied by slums. The lack of knowledge of right nutrition, no sanitation and unhygienic living conditions make them vulnerable to the thousands of infections, epidemics and famines.

Several organisations, NGO’s and social workers are working and trying to help them get good nutrition.

N-lite is a platform for those organisations and NGO’s which will help them with complete nutritional consultation support. Our well qualified dieticians and wellness consultants will assist you in your motive of reducing undernutrition from our country. We will together try to fulfil the nutritional needs of low income section of India so as to save them from falling into malnourishment, nutritional deficiencies and other nutrition related chronic diseases. We deal with the prevention as well as management of nutrition and health problems. Also we will give you low cost nutritious recipes.

So, let’s work together to make our country healthier.

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