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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

“Nothing succeeds like success”. All the successful people today from Barack Obama to Anil Ambani are very particular about their health and fitness. The top boss must therefore, demonstrate that he is in perfect control of his own domain, not only in deeds and words, but also in his own flesh.

An increasing number of executives in the Indian corporate world are ending up as victims of lifestyle diseases. Obesity, lack of physical activity, mental stress and tension, alcohol and smoking are the major reasons, which manifest as hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. Today’s working environment is such that individuals feel short changed for time and believe they are unable to work out and stay healthy as a result. Bosses as well as the employees at corporate work round the clock, get fewer breaks, are time starved and can’t seem to switch off. And since employers relate efficiency directly with health and overall wellness of their staff, Good Nutrition becomes their necessity and topmost priority.

There is documented relationship between healthy employees and worker productivity. Employers who invest in worksite health promotion programs can see a return of $3-$6 for every dollar invested over a 2-5 year period. Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, December 2005.

Therefore, individual employee’s health will be subsequently seen in the organisation as a whole. We have listed below some of the benefits:

ü Reducing absenteeism and time lost

ü Reduced medical care claims as employee health advances

ü Enhancing on-the-job performance and decision making

ü Improving worker morale, resulting in lower turnover

ü Attracting superior quality employees

Therefore, here N-lite comes for the rescue. N-LITE is a unique corporate wellness platform that is innovative, credible, and can be customized to meet each individual’s special needs.

Health experts with first-hand knowledge on nutrition, fitness and managerial skills form the backbone of N-LITE.

Nutritionists backed with strong work ethics, good judgment and an understanding of human nature, assuring you the best possible talent and resources to help you meet your goals.

N–LITE is education on the resources essential for physical and mental wellbeing. It is about how to plan and execute a fitness routine, select the right kind of food, improve self-confidence and thereby improve efficiency and most importantly, manage stress, and work anxiety.

N-lite stands out unique in its specialization to cater each and every type of corporate and work profiles differently. Your specific requirement will be our priority while serving you. So, we have the solution for all:

Desk Lovers- If your work demands you to be on desk for long hours, feeling healthy and fit becomes the top priority. So, we get you the way out of staying healthy and in shape while sitting at your desk for hours and hours.

Frequent travellers- Many of you have the jobs which make you travel 15-20 days of the month and when you out of your home, then it becomes difficult to manage your diet. Hence, we will accompany you to look after your diet and fitness while you are travelling.

BPO/Night shift workers- Munching wrong food, drinking large amounts of tea/coffee and smoking is the trend with night shift workers, which can harm them in the long run. So, n-lite comes out with healthier options best ways to stay fit and feel good.

Physical workers- If too much of physical and mental labour makes you feel lethargic and tired at the end of the day, appropriate diet is very important to keep your energy levels and vitality always high. We will help you avoid any medical problems due to this and keep you fit even when you are working hard at your work.

Retail/Hospitality workers- Service industry demands its employees to be on toes all the time and so taking care of oneself becomes difficult while attending the clients. So, we will take care of your nutrition so you can feel fit and energetic.

So, taking time out to pause and plan out a healthy daily schedule can certainly add years to one’s life!

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